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About Research

LIVELab and MIMM help build a brighter world through the scientific study of music, sound and movement and their importance to human health and development.

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LIVELab Research Learn More

LIVELab advances basic and applied research into human interaction through collaborations among scientists, industry partners, health professionals, educators and performing artists.

Research in LIVELab focuses on improving and optimizing health, developing new products and increasing understanding.

McMaster Music & the Mind (MIMM) Research View Publications

Scientists, researchers, and musicians at MIMM study questions about the physical structure, evolution, neural processing, performance, and perception of music, dance and media arts. Specific questions concern how the auditory and motor systems interact to produce music, how performers synchronize with each other, how people encode and recognize music, and how groups in society are defined by the music they play.

Our Researchers

Meet our interdisciplinary team of researchers at LIVELab and MIMM.

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Student Opportunities Learn More

Undergraduate and graduate opportunities available with LIVELab and MIMM researchers.

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Researchers at LIVELab and MIMM are proud to collaborate with research colleagues and industry partners from across Canada and around the world to advance scientific knowledge and bring innovative solutions to market.

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Be a participant in one of our LIVELab studies!

Resources for Researchers

We can help researchers secure funding for studies in the LIVELab and MIMM. As we collect successful grant applications, we will make samples available for researchers to assist everyone with their future grant applications.