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Science RendezVous 2021

Welcome to the LIVELab! Here we study the science of music, the arts, the brain, and human interaction. Today we want to tell you about some of our research on music and movement. There are 3 sections and each one has a video and a short game for you to try. Have fun!

1. Moving to the Beat

Welcome to the “Moving to the Beat” game. Please watch the videos and follow the instructions to answer the question below.

Each of these songs have different speeds. Pay attention to the beat of the song, and try to clap along to the music!

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— End of game 1 —

2. Funky Drumming and Dancing

Welcome to the “Funky Drumming and Dancing” game. Please watch the videos and follow the instructions to answer the question below.

[wpforms id=”2739″]

— End of game 2 —

3. Be a Scientist at Home

Welcome to the “Be a Scientist at Home” game! Please watch the video and follow the instructions.

Science Challenge:

1. Click on the TikTok icon

2. Create a TikTok video

3. Tag us @mcmasterlivelab

— End of game 3 —

Feedback Survey

Thank you for participating in our Science RendezVous! Tell us what you think!

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