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LIVELab Hybrid Concert Series: Alex Whorms LIVEStream

You will find the event LIVEStream below on September 23rd. The event will begin at 7:30 pm ET on September 23rd. In the meantime, download the MusicLab App to your smartphone (Android, Apple or search “MusicLab App”), fill the Livestreaming Audience ID survey (top left menu), and if the show is starting soon (~10mins), fill the Pre-Concert Survey.

Make a phone holder so that your phone can rest on your chest (tutorial video 1, tutorial video 2). Turn off notifications and turn phone to silent (not vibrate). Verify that the sensors have green check marks and restart the app or check your geolocation. To record motion, the screen must remain on and the app cannot be moved to the background. Reduce the screen brightness to conserve phone battery.

To watch in full screen and comment during the live show, be sure to click on the Watch on YouTube button! There will be a researcher moderating the YouTube chat who can answer any questions.

We hope you enjoy the show!

LIVESTREAM VIDEO BELOW—Starts at 7:00PM EST; Show begins at 7:30PM

The MusicLab App is used to collect motion and emotion from your smartphone with its accelerometers and with surveys. **You must fill out the Livestreaming Audience ID survey in the MusicLab App (top left menu tab).** You may fill out the other surveys in the MusicLab App or on another device such as a laptop at the following links: