Apply to Research


Design Your Experiment

After you have visited and have an understand of the capabilities of the LIVELab, you will develop your experimental design. If you need assistance understanding what the technology can do, or require technical specifications, please visit the technology page, or contact us. A plan for funding should accompany this step.


Submit Your Application

Download the application form on the right and complete it for submission to the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) for review. SAC will determine whether your study can proceed in the lab. After it has been approved, the Technical Director and/or Research Coordinator will contact you to discuss: your experimental design, the technical logistics required to complete your research, the pricing, ethics clearance, scheduling, and participant needs.


Setup and Preparation

You will work with the technical team to program your experiment, test the procedures, ensure that the experiment design meets your research needs. Concurrently, you will apply for ethics clearance and, once approved, begin booking your participants.