All research conducted in the McMaster LIVELab must first undergo clearance from the McMaster Research Ethics Board(MREB) or Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board (HiREB). If you are a researcher associated with another university, you will likely also need clearance from the REB at your institution.

To facilitate the ethics application procedure, a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for studies conducted in the LIVELab has been developed and approved by MREB. The use of the SOP ensures that there is consistency among studies conducted in the LIVELab regarding recruitment and data collection. When writing your own MREB ethics applications, please reference relevant sections in this document where applicable. If you need to deviate from the approved procedure, please outline your deviation in your application. The SOP only applies to applications to MREB. Applications to HiREB may not reference the SOP. Please note, all studies conducted in the LIVELab must submit their own ethics application to MREB/HiREB and receive clearance prior to recruiting participants.