McMaster LIVELab to explore the science behind the concert experience

The McMaster University LIVELab will be kicking off a series of concerts tomorrow, that will also act as a science experiment.

The one of a kind facility will host six musical groups who will interact with the audience throughout the performance.

One of the goals is to figure out why listening to live music is different than listening to an album at home.

Musician Aubrey Wilson, who will be the first to perform, says no two concerts are the same.

“We’re doing jazz music so there is alot of improvisation, its always going to be a bit different but then if the crowd is really into it maybe we’ll go a little more crazy.”

Dan Bosnyak, Technical Director of series says it’s up to the McMaster team determine what that means scientifically.

Bosnyak says “we can actually measure the brain waves of people who are in the audience, brainwaves of the musicians.”

There will also be systems in place to measure movement and the other physiological responses.

The lab will hold a concert every month until April of 2016.

They will feature a range of genres from classical to industrial to digital.

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