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Lecture by Allison Sekuler ; A Brain’s-Eye View of the World

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Concert clip

Watch the video below for a sample clip of Illitry!


Watch the video below to hear about the research Allison Sekuler has been doing!

Biographical Profile

Allison Sekuler

Allison received her BA in Mathematics and Psychology from Pomona College in 1986, and her PhD from UC Berkeley in 1990, before seeing the light and moving to her adopted home: Canada.
She is a Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour, member of the MiNDS graduate program in Neuroscience, and Strategic Advisor to the President & Vice-Presidents on Academic Issues at McMaster University, and an Adjunct Member of the Centre for Vision Research at York University. She has received numerous honours and awards for her contributions to research, teaching, and mentorship, including an Ontario Distinguished Fellows award, an Alexander von Humboldt fellowship, and the first Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience (2001-2011). Allison has published over 100 scholarly articles on vision, aging, and cognitive neuroscience, in leading journals such as Nature, Current Biology, and the Journal of Neuroscience; and her research is routinely featured in local, national, and international media. Allison is passionate about mentoring the next generation of scholars, leading development of the online professional skills training program, the Indigenous Undergraduate Summer Research Scholars program, and the upcoming twitter-based mentoring initiative @mentorsWISE aimed at celebrating and supporting women in science and engineering. Allison previously served as McMaster’s AVP and Dean of Graduate Studies, AVP Research, and twice as interim VP Research. She plays piano and saxophone poorly, hopes one day to play the drums poorly too, and will forever be in awe of people with musical talent.


Illitry started at the end of 2011 as an outlet for Troy Witherow to experiment with performing electronic music. Since then, Illitry has played shows in NYC, Detroit, the Maritimes, Quebec, and Ontario, released music via Noisey/VICE, collaborated with the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, and has won the “Emerging Artist Award” for the music category at the Hamilton Art Awards. Currently Illitry is working on a new batch of tunes to be released sometime soon. For this show Troy will be joined by Jeff Wynands (modular
synthesizer), and Seth Hunter (Rhodes piano, synthesizer, and FX). “The main goal I had in mind for this show was to build on the ideas that I’ve seen performed by Orphyx, The Cybernetic Orchestra and Jeremy Greenspan. I was intrigued by the idea of using the LiveLab itself as an instrument. Over the last year, I’ve found myself
going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of the ambient music genre. The LIVELab has proven to be the perfect venue for experimenting with new ways of performing my own ambient creations, using the room as an instrument, and the audience as the musicians.”


APOC is Andrew O’Connor (b. 1989 /, an emerging visual artist, designer, animator and performer. His works take the form of installation, video, painting, and photography. O’Connor is a co-founder, curator and resident artist of Hamilton Audio Visual Node (HAVN), a DIY art gallery, music venue and studio space, as well as a co-founder and resident artist of OPTICKS, an experimental media arts collective. O’Connor has performed and exhibited his work in screenings, solo and group exhibitions throughout North America and Europe, including Akc Medika, Croatia, Zeidler Hall, Alberta and Nuit Blanche 2015 at Artscape Youngscape, Toronto. He is a recipient of the Ontario Arts Council’s Media Artists Creation Project grant, as well as Emerging Artist for Arts Administration at the 2015 City of Hamilton Arts Awards. O’Connor is currently a Digital Media Specialist for The MacPherson Institute at McMaster University.