Canadian Creative Music Collective (CCMC)

Concert program

There was no set list and no set structure. Everything was made on the spot.

Set one

Lecture by Ian Bruce ; Music perception with hearing loss and hearing aids

Set two

Video clips

Concert Clip

Watch the video below for a clip of CCMC’s improvised set!


Dr. Bruce talks about how the loss of hearing can affect how the brain perceives music.

Watch the video below to hear about the research Ian Bruce has been doing!

Biographical Profile

Ian Bruce

Ian Bruce grew up in Australia, where he completed his education in electrical & biomedical engineering and hearing sciences. He also received research training in
biomedical engineering in Austria and the USA. Ian has been a professor in Electrical & Computer Engineering at McMaster since 2002 and is the Associate Director of the
LIVELab. His research interests include auditory modelling, hearing aids, cochlear implants, tinnitus, and the neural basis for the perception of speech & music.


Canada’s preeminent non-idiomatic free-improvisation ensemble, world-travelled since the 1970s, today comprises original member Michael Snow (piano, synth), John Oswald (sax), John Kamevaar (percussion, electronics), and Paul Dutton (soundsinging, harmonica). Process takes precedence and form evolves in a shifting tapestry of textures and timbres, dense layerings, meditative calms, and raucous cacophony.

John Oswald (alto sax)

World-famous composer and plunderphonic maestro, Oswald has also maintained a career-long improvisatory focus for over thirty years, both as a saxophonist and a contact dancer. He has performed on four continents and can be heard on dozens of recordings as soloist, featured guest, and band member.

Paul Dutton (soundsinging, harmonica)

Ranked among the world’s leading exponents of oral sound art, Dutton has toured extensively across the Americas and Europe, and has released five solo sound recordings. One of The Four
Horsemen poetry and voice-improv group (1970–88), he has collaborated with Phil Minton, Lee Ranaldo, Jaap Blonk, R. Murray Schafer, and many others.

John Kamevaar (percussion, electronics)

Sound artist, visual artist, and musician, Kamevaar first played in CCMC in the ’80s and early ’90s, touring internationally and recording with the band. Between 1987 and 1991, he gave concerts and made six recordings with the industrial-ambient-noise trio Kaiser Nietzsche and produced soundtracks for feature-length art films.

Michael Snow (piano, synthesizer)

A founding member of CCMC, Snow is a world-renowned visual artist with a distinguished parallel career in music. He played in the ’50s with jazz greats like Jimmy Rushing and Cootie Williams, led his own extended improv groups in the ’50s and ’60s, still performs solo piano in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, and has issued many recordings.