Seat Campaign Champions

Rachael Finnerty
Registered Psychotherapist, Music Therapist Accredited
Drew Hauser
Architect, McCallum Sather

“Music has the capacity to evoke memories, facilitate movement, speech and enhance social interactions despite a diagnosis such as Autism, Dementia and acquired brain injury. As a music therapist, I witness this, but only through the research that can be conducted at the LIVELab, the only research facility of its kind (in the world), can we understand how music impacts the brain in reaching abilities beyond the perceived constraints of a diagnosis.”

– Rachael Finnerty

Take Your Seat Campaign

The LIVELab at McMaster University is a first-of-its-kind music research and performance hall. The LIVELab enables research into why music and the arts provide such powerful experiences for people, how they help build healthy communities, and their role in helping special populations such as those with autism to those with hearing loss.

The “Ladies and Gentlemen…Please Take Your Seat” Campaign will help to support ground-breaking neuroscience research that will be conducted at the LIVELab within the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind.

With only 100 seats this is indeed a rare opportunity. Your commemoration will appear as a permanent plaque on a seat in the performance hall and can be pledged over 5 years. By “naming your seat” your gift of $5,000 can celebrate your family, friends, or business, commemorate a special occasion, or honour the memory of a loved one.

The legacy of your gift will be seen by generations to come as they enjoy the performances that have been made possible by your gift, and by all who will benefit from the research to be conducted in the performance hall.

To recognize your gift:
• Your dedication will be engraved on a plaque on the seat
• Your dedication (with your permission) will be listed on our donor wall
• Your dedication (with your permission) will be listed on the LIVELab website on our Supporters page
• You will receive advance notice to all public events, such as the Series 10dB concert series
• You will receive a full tax receipt for your gift

It is the perfect gift!