Volunteering Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer with the LIVELab, please email livelab@mcmaster.ca or marshse@mcmaster.ca

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

There are opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in a research project or undergraduate thesis under the supervision of a LIVELab researcher. Interested students should contact individual researchers to see what current opportunities exist:

Dr. Sue Becker, PNB
Dr. Steven Brown, PNB
Dr. Ian Bruce, Electrical Eng
Dr. David Earn, Math
Dr. Geoff Hall, PNB
Dr. Jennifer Heisz, Kinesiology
Dr. Joe Kim, PNB
Dr. Jim Reilly, Engineering
Dr. Larry Roberts, PNB
Dr. Mel Rutherford, PNB
Dr. Louis Schmidt, PNB
Dr. Mike Schutz, SOTA/PNB
Dr. David Shore, PNB
Dr. Ranil Sonnadara, Surgery / Arts & Sci / PNB
Dr. Laurel Trainor, PNB
Dr. Matthew Woolhouse, SOTA/PNB

Music Cognition Undergraduate Specialization

Students enrolled in programs in Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour; Music; or Arts and Science can apply for the Specialization in Music Cognition. The program is unique within all North America universities, providing students with a double background in cognitive neuroscience and music, thus preparing them for interdisciplinary research into the cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience of music. For more information, click here

Graduate Opportunities

Students enrolled in graduate programs in Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, Electrical Engineering, Linguistics and Languages, MINDS, Computational Science & Engineering may have the opportunity to engage in research in the LIVELab. For information, contact the individual programs and potential supervisors, or the School of Graduate Studies

What Students are Saying

“My doctoral work with Laurel employed behavioural methods, but she ensured that I also received training in the neuroimaging techniques employed in EEG research, and that I presented at conferences all over the world to communicate our findings and learn from others. Laurel invests a great deal in her students to produce the highest quality of research, and also to train them to use state of the art technology. I am indebted to Laurel and to the MIMM, as well as to the McMaster PNB Department, for the quality of my doctoral training.”

Jessica Phillips-Silver, Ph.D.
Brain Music and Sound (Brams), Montreal

“McMaster University is seen internationally as a hub for music cognition research and rightfully so! It has been incredibly rewarding to do my graduate work at a university that specializes in a range of relevant topics within this fairly young and continually growing field of research.”

Laura Cirelli, Assistant Professor
University of Toronto Scarborough

“During my graduate work with Dr. Steven Brown, I found MIMM to be an extremely exciting resource, one of the few places in the world where you can be around people who know music and the brain so well.”

Pat Savage, M.Sc.
Department of Musicology, Tokyo University of the Arts