Dance and the Brain

Dance and the Brain



Audience Members required for a Study on Dance and the Brain

The LIVELab is currently recruiting musicians and dancers as audience members for a study investigating the effects of watching a live dance performance.

You will view a live dance performance and record responses via tablets. You will also have your brain activity, breathing rate and heart rate measured during the performance.

March 28/29, 2019
2 Shows: 1-4 PM OR 7-10 PM
$30 compensation and paid parking/bus fare

Eligibility Requirements:

Age: 18-40

No neurological disorders

• Professional Musician/High Level Student in Jazz, Classical or Voice  with less than 2 years of dance training


• Professional Dancer/High Level Student in Contemporary, Ballet, Street, Tap, Modern or Jazz with less than 2 years of music training

To sign up or for more information, please contact:
905-525-9140 ext25483