Trevor Copp: Searching for Marceau

Trevor Copp: Searching for Marceau

April 5-6

The LIVELab welcomes Trevor Copp !


Trevor founded Burlington’s Tottering Biped Theatre (TBT) in 2009, a professional company that emphasizes highly physical and social issue oriented work. He went from streetbuskering to professional Mime, creating/touring his solo physical show ‘Searching for Marceau’. He has been recognized with the Burlington Artist of the Year, the Ontario Presenters Artist of the Year, and a Chalmer’s Fellowship Awards. His work has been featured in the Canadian Theatre Review,, CBC Television, and the Dance Current.

SCIENCE SNAPSHOT by Matthew Berry, PhD student, NeuroArts Lab: The Science of Acting

Matthew Berry is a PhD student in the NeuroArts Lab in the department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour at McMaster University. His research interests include the psychology and cognitive neuroscience of drama/theatre (gesture), literature (narrative and storytelling), creativity, humour, and improvisation. He is attempting to develop a new field devoted to analyzing the cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying the production, perception, and synthesis of these areas. To date, he is the first to experimentally code and predict character production in actors. Find out more at