• Series 10db - Cam & Chase

    Presented in partnership with Thru the RedDoor, this concert will feature two artists from the Six Nations community. Cam Nolan is a recognized Cayuga Nation performer specializing in traditional songs and drum. Chase is an up and coming Mohawk hip-hop artist who has opened for Tribe Called Red, who called him "one of the best hip hop artists" to join the scene.
  • Call for Collaboration

    The LIVELab is seeking 2-3 collaborators in the fields of music or performance-based technology. This is an ideal opportunity for musicians, technicians or music researchers to spend time working on a specific project with access to LIVELab technology and staff.
  • McMaster LIVELab

    A research center within the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind.

Series10dB Concert Series

Entering its second season, Series 10dB is the in-house concert series of the LIVELab at McMaster University. This one-of-a-kind music research facility hosts ground-breaking research and dozens of events throughout the year. Series 10dB is your opportunity to experience music and science in the LIVELab.

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About Us

A Unique Research Centre and Performance Space

The high precision synchronization between equipment systems in the LIVELab enables cutting edge multi-faceted analysis of complex questions of human interaction related to music, hearing, vision, movement, and learning.

About Us

Our Technology

Multiperson EEG

To measure brain responses from performers and audiences

Audience Physiology

To measure emotional and cognitive responses to performances

Motion Capture

To measure how musicians, dancers, and audiences coordinate and interact

Video Wall

To assess interactions between visual and auditory information

Active Acoustics

To manipulate the sound environment to mimic any other acoustic space

Sound Recording

To evaluate and capture performances, and to create complex stimuli

Yamaha Disklavier

To measure performance skills of pianists, or to study music pedagogy

Audience Tablets

To capture live behavioural responses from audiences en masse